Friday, May 21, 2010

Good advice.

"FYI. No matter how much your body is craving protien, half a log of summer sausage is way too much."

Well yes....but no.

*While playing Family Feud. Question is "Something that might be dangerous if done without lessons."
Me-"Oh man...what you do call jumping out of a plane?"

Very punny.

Me-"T*, you lost the milk!"
T*-"I didn't remember you buying any milk!"
Me-"YOU sacked it, and put it in the car!"
ExHub-"Maybe it was Milk of Amnesia?"

And occasionally she comes through.

Me-"I've got a new drinking game for ya. Take a shot everytime ExHub clogs the toilet. You'll be drunk by 8."
Mom-"AM, PM, or BM?"

*While giving clues about his Father's Day present*
Me-"It's something you used to have, but don't have anymore."

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

But there's games too!

Mom-"I do not understand this public bickering called FaceBook."